Bronwyn Bishop is a Political Contributor at SKY NEWS. She is the longest serving female member of the Australian Parliament having served for 29 ½ years. Her political life has been one of firsts and breaking new ground for other women to follow.

Bronwyn Bishop is the only person, male or female to have been a Senator, Member, Minister and Speaker.

Bronwyn Bishop is the first woman to have been popularly elected to the Senate from NSW and was the first woman to be President of any political party in NSW.

She is also the first woman to have been elected to the House of Representatives from the Liberal Party from NSW and similarly the first NSW Liberal woman to become a Minister and subsequent Speaker of the House.

Bronwyn Bishop has led trade missions and many international delegations to Europe, Asia and the Americas, the most recent being to attend the Inauguration of the first female elected President of Taiwan – President Tsai Ing-wen in May 2016.

Bronwyn Bishop is a solicitor having maintained her practising certificate and mother of two daughters and one granddaughter.